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Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Cantrell’s Carpet Cleaning knows you value all members of your family, even the four-legged ones. That is why we are proud to offer safe, non-toxic odor and stain removal services! As much as you may love all the tail wags and meows, the stains and odors that go along with owning pets can be a challenge. Let Cantrell’s Carpet Cleaning help! As an established carpet cleaning service in Livonia, MI, we have years of experience in eliminating even the strongest spots and odors. Our odor and stain removal services are designed to transform your carpets and keep your pets safe. Our use of non-toxic, green cleaning solutions means that you don’t have to compromise a beautiful interior for your furry companions. Make an appointment today to enjoy a home so clean and fresh-smelling, guests won’t even believe you have pets!

Carpet Cleaning Benefits You and Your Home!

Beyond just making your home look and smell better, professional carpet cleaning can protect you and your home. Regular carpet cleaning creates a healthier environment and can save you money in the long run. Benefits of regular carpet cleaning include:

  • Reducing Allergens– Pet dander and bacteria from salvia and urine can trigger allergies in many people. While vacuuming can get the surface level of your floors clean, only professional carpet cleaning can clean deep down to the fibers. Our environmentally friendly, high-end cleaning solutions can help kill most bacteria and allergens present in your carpet and upholstery. Regular carpet cleaning reduces these common allergens, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.
  • Protecting Your Kids and Pets– Small children and pets spend the most time near your carpet surfaces. Our green carpet cleaning solutions ensure that they are not exposed to toxic substances that other carpet cleaning companies may use. Provide them a clean and safe environment to enjoy by scheduling regular carpet cleaning services.
  • Saving You Money in the Long Run– Pet urine can penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpets, not only staining the surface but also damaging the backing. You may think you have addressed the spot; however, odor-causing bacteria may still be present. This can significantly shorten the life-span of your carpet. Sometimes, urine can even seep through the carpet and onto the wood underneath. This can permanently damage your flooring and cost you even more when it comes time to replace your flooring. Regular carpet cleaning can prevent this from occurring, saving you the replacement cost of carpets and sub-floors.

Don’t feel like you have to choose between a clean, fresh home and your pets! Cantrell’s Carpet Cleaning can provide safe and affordable pet odor and stain removal services quickly. We’re available Monday – Saturday and we serve the Greater Livonia area. Call us today at (734) 306-0522 to arrange for an estimate from one of our professional carpet cleaning teams!

  • Remove dirt, stains and odors
  • Preserve the true color of your carpet by using our low balance PH fiber rinse.
  • Give you a deep down cleaning with soft results
  • We use top-quality cleaning products