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Floor Waxing and Stripping

Floor Waxing and Stripping

A clean and sparkling floor is one of your customers first impressions. High-traffic areas in many commercial businesses can be worn down by dirt and dust, damaging the floors permanently and leaving them unsightly. Regular stripping and floor waxing is necessary maintenance for your flooring- keeping it presentable and welcoming to anyone visiting your business. At Cantrell’s Carpet Cleaning, we offer comprehensive floor waxing services for commercial and residential properties alike. We understand that your floors are a significant investment, and that they also take a fair amount of abuse on a regular basis. That’s why we go out of our way to provide the thorough, effective service you need to breathe new life into your flooring. Our trained professionals have the tools and skills to work quickly and efficiently; and we pledge to leave your property looking clean and neat once our waxing is done.

Our Process

Our floor waxing and stripping service is a three-step process. It includes:

  • Floor stripping: This step removes all the grime and build-up that is on your floors. It removes the top layer of wax that is currently on the floor, prepping the surface for the next steps.
  • Sealant: After the floors are stripped, a sealer is applied. This creates a protective barrier between the surface and your actual flooring, preserving it from wear and tear and extending its life. The sealant is then buffed, making the floors shine and reducing marks and scratches
  • Waxing: The final step is applying a new layer of wax to give your floors a rich glow. It also adds another protective layer and makes your floors look brand-new!

Regular floor maintenance can seem like a chore but Cantrell’s Carpet Cleaning makes it easy! We are your ideal source for floor waxing and stripping services. We’re available Monday – Saturday and we serve the Greater Livonia area. Call us today at (734) 306-0522 to arrange for an estimate from one of our professional service teams!